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Live IT offers its customers in the area of backup and archiving of data in computer networks, the following services under a single trademark Store.IT :

  • consulting and advisory services in the area of backup and archiving
  • conception archiving and backup of data according to the needs and size of customer
  • optimize backup costs due to the time required to recover
  • data storage solutions
  • continuous backup solution
  • design of replication array systems
  • design a suitable system to reduce backup costs ie the implementation of new technologies (eg, deduplication of backup data)
  • create a plan for data recovery in critical situations, "Distaster recovery plan"
  • create a schedule of regular backup storage outside office space clients, safe etc.
  • delivery, installation and management of backup systems

Data loss is for each organization fatal event. Therefore, data backup and archiving is one of the most important tasks in the field of computer networks.

Requirements for system backups are essentially summarized in two parameters:

  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO), in principle, a point which sets the amount of data that the customer may lost
  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO), ie essentially the time of data recovery

Backup systems are part of arrays as well as tape-based and other media. Important factor is also in costs of archiving and backup solutions.

System design should therefore include a solution to reduce the cost of storing archival data such as moving to a much cheaper storage (Hierarchical Storage Management)

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