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It is very probable that when leaving the office at the end of the day you turn on the alarm system and lock the door leading to your workplace/office and protect equipment.
Surely many of you have a safe deposit box or similar safety device for storing confidential business documents, etc.

Your computer network requires the same kind of protection.

Live IT company offers a comprehensive solution to data networks in terms of security based on the latest technologies that have become in today's digital world absolute necessity. The result of the proposed solution is to protect, which permeates the entire network infrastructure from data connectivity in the form of a firewall to each network device.

Products that fall under the single trademark Secure.IT can be represented by a separate device in the form of UTM (Unified Treat Management), or several devices that eliminate various security threats separately.
UTM solution is favored by small businesses and companies because of lower price.
However, this solution may not always be (in terms of increasing spam, control web traffic, viruses and other potential threats) sufficient, and therefore the security can be decomposed into multiple devices, which is of course more expensive but effective in security at all.

Another highly discussed topic today is to protect data against loss, theft or deletion. Even those products that are called DLP (Data Loss Prevention), Live IT company can offer to our customers.

Services we offer in Secure.IT package include:

  • consulting and advisory services in the area of network security
  • economically acceptable design and highly functional solution
  • installation and configuration of security features network solutions
  • email and web traffic security
  • implementation of DLP solutions against loss or theft of data

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