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Live IT offers its customers in terms of network administration following services under a single trademark Manage.IT :

  • Management of network elements
  • Managing servers
  • Remote monitoring 24/7/365 with defined SLA
  • HelpDesk system
  • Managing of wireless access networks
  • Management of network infrastructure documentation
  • IT Asset management

What mean „computer network management“ ?

"Computer networks manage" in fact means maintenance of all equipment used for the operation of information technology. In the case of IT outsourcing in small and medium-sized companies is largely complete takeover of the management of all IT technologies, including ensuring the further development and building of IT strategy. For larger companies it is the more active elements and management servers, along with consultations in IT.

Each of these highly specialized activities requiring a real specialist. Live IT have these specialists and offer them in fully available to our customers.

Why entrust network management to external company?

On this complex question can be answered very simply: "You get better quality for less costs" and you know it...

  • each task is sovled by an expert who understood it in best way, can solve it in the shortest time, and therefore cheaper
  • you pay only for services actually provided
  • not pay for holidays, staff training and other downtime
  • can not be that something is not working a few days just because  the network administrator is sick or on vacation.

Are external services the right choice for You?

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