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Most of us when see the bill for electricity already think about how they could save their money. Most major manufacturers have focused on the development, research and marketing products that meet certain indicators aimed at saving energy and it is equal to cost savings to consumers.

Live IT monitor the development of modern technology with a focus on energy savings in IT / IS products and services that we would like to offer under the brand name Green.IT.

Vision of Live IT company in this sphere is to:

  • find the optimal solution data network with low power consumption
  • long-term monitoring of electricity consumption of products in the IT / IS field

To fulfill the vision and achieve cost savings for electricity in data networks Live IT company offers the following services:

  • consulting and advisory services
  • make a study on reducing costs in the form of electricity consumption for the existing infrastructure
  • projection of new data networks with a focus on power consumption
  • software implementation with a focus on monitoring the IT / IS resources in terms of electricity consumption
  • active management of computing infrastructure to achieve a reduction in electricity consumption

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