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Structured cabling systems are an integral part of any data network and serves as a transfer medium for users to link different data sources across the infrastructure. Company Live IT under the trade designation Connect.IT offers our customers the following services:

  • consulting and advisory services
  • technical design and elaboration of a comprehensive study of system solutions
  • development project with a budget price
  • measurement and mapping of existing data infrastructure  
  • creation of project documentation of existing and new data distribution

Live IT company to the satisfaction of our customers performs design, assembly and installation work as a “service on a key”, which means that we suggest and design, set up, measure and test the structured cabling system from distributors to  data socket.

Since the proper functionality and reliability of data structured cabling systems for our customers is as important as the electrical distribution system, we place great emphasis on the technical and moral life of the whole work, and we can guarantee certificates obtained directly from leading world manufacturers (Panduit, Schrack) life data cabling in decades. Of course, depending on the manufacturer and type of installation.

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