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The main task of the data network is the interconnection of the resources needed services (servers, storages, etc.) using hardware such as switches, routers and other L2, L3 solutions.

The design need to reflect the user's requirements on the overall infrastructure in terms of various parameters and services. On the bases of these parameters we can choose for our customers suitable solution, which eventually can be choosen from simple SOHO (Small Office Home Office) products to complex robust modular systems.

Live IT in design a project data network should offer these services:

  • consulting and advisory services
  • find solutions for small, medium and large businesses
  • porpose how to revitalize and expand the existing data network
  • select suitable network elements with regard to price and use
  • propose the deployment of wireless technology
  • etc.

Live IT in instalation data networks offer:

  • delivery and installation of network solutions
  • configure a functional data network based on Cisco products, Allied Telesys, D-Link and other manufacturers.
  • set up the connection to the internet connectivity providers  
  • configure wireless or other IP technology in the infrastructure
  • prepare of documentation existing or new whole data network

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