About us

Live IT is a medium-sized company specializing in consulting services in the field of new technologies, IT / IS in the EMEA region. Individual professional consultants working in different areas of IT / ​​IS more than 20 years. We focused on small and medium-sized companies to design and project services in the field of modern technologies, IT / IS (such as virtualization, mobile, networking, data management, data security).

Live IT company have been established to manage business activities in the CEE region, so that customer services are provided using knowledge of local market and national standards and norms, while maintaining international quality standards.

The aim of Live IT in the CEE region is to be respected specialist and IS / IT partner for small and medium-sized companies, because these companies are the basis for the development of national economy and a major contribution to employment growth and also to a considerable extent also increase the competitiveness of the state to international markets.

To provide services for our customers, Live IT company use network of consultants and cooperating experts from various segments of the IT / ​​IS, so we provided professional services that have been with a high level of knowledge.