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Although the name of this section is calling for “open”, it is only to open your horizons to the products that emerged in the community of people dealing with IT and ICT without using expensive software components.

Area OpenSource products in the world is wide and we are able to find, compare, and then carefully designing a solution that will meet all your expectations in this area.

Live IT company is oriented in these areas:

  • virtualization (alternative products to VMware)
  • mail and groupware solution including the integration of mobile devices
  • antivirus and antispam solution
  • management and web traffic control
  • NAS services running on OpenSource products
  • monitoring services (nagios, opsview)
  • bug tracking systems
  • and many others

Our company prefers products based on RedHat clones and their alternatives.

Our systems that we build primarily on proven technologies, which thanks to its openness provide more support and timely resolution of any errors.

All solutions offer comprehensive management services to this proposed system, including regular updates.

In the form of a package we can offer a complete solution at a fraction of price competition to run whole your company at stable system.

For its solution we use your existing space and hardware, or arrange hosting of your system in a virtual cloud environment of your choice, or we could build such an environment.

Are external services the right choice for You?

Contact us and we will get in touch with You and create a detailed offer.